Refactoring legacy PHP

by Enrico Zimuel
Principal Software Engineer @ Elastic

PUG Torino, Feb. 19, 2020

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Refactoring legacy applications


Refactoring is the process of changing the structure of code without changing its behavior

Legacy code

Legacy code is source code that relates to a no-longer supported or manufactured operating system or other computer technology
Code that developers are afraid to change


Unit test

Never refactor a production code that does not have unit tests

Tool: PHPUnit


For example, using the following class:

class Foo
    public function __construct(BarInterface $bar)
        $this->bar = $bar;

    public function baz()
        return $this->bar->doSomething(/* ... */);

Mock (2)

use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase;

class StubTest extends TestCase
    public function testStub()
        $stub = $this->getMockBuilder(BarInterface::class)


        $foo = new Foo($stub);
        $this->assertSame('foo', $foo->baz());


Method Stubs

class Book {}

interface BookRepository {
    function find($id): Book;
    function findAll(): array;
    function add(Book $book): void;
$double = Mockery::mock(BookRepository::class);

$double->allows()->find(123)->andReturns(new Book());
$book = $double->find(123);

Call Expectations

class Temperature
    private $service;

    public function __construct($service)
        $this->service = $service;
    public function average()
        $total = 0;
        for ($i=0; $i<3; $i++) {
            $total += $this->service->readTemp();
        return $total/3;

Call Expectations (2)

class TemperatureTest extends \PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase
    public function tearDown()
    public function testGetsAvgTemperatureFrom3ServiceReadings()
        $service = Mockery::mock('service');
            ->andReturn(10, 12, 14);

        $temperature = new Temperature($service);
        $this->assertEquals(12, $temperature->average());

Test Spies

$spy = \Mockery::spy('MyDependency');
$sut = new MyClass($spy);

// act

// assert

Code coverage

Feature of PHPUnit to measure how much code is covered by the unit test



Many options for legacy code (not PSR-4)

* deprecated, but still useful

Classmap example

    "autoload": {
        "classmap": ["src/", "lib/", "Something.php"]

Tools for refactoring

Some tools

  • PHPCPD, Copy & Paste detector
  • PHPLOC, measuring and analyzing PHP project
  • Rector, reconstructor tool, it does instant upgrades and instant refactoring of your code
  • PHPStan, static analysis tool
  • Phan, static analyzer for PHP
  • Exakat, automated code reviewing engine for PHP



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